How To Honey Mask At Home

Honey Lift Massage at Home Treatment

1. Wash hands to remove oils and dry thoroughly.
2. You may want to wrap your hair in a hand towel and tuck it so as not to get any honey in your hair.

3. Wash face using circular motion strokes for about 2 minutes. This is experienced as ‘massage’ so take your time. Rinse with water three times.

4. Dry the face thoroughly as well as your hands. (Honey will not become sticky with a damp face or damp hands).

5. Place 1.5 teaspoon of Honey in the tips of your fingers, rub your fingers together and smooth it on all over your face (avoiding the eyes and neck).

6. Start by whipping the cheeks lightly with open fingers to somewhat ‘fan’ the face while you are ‘airing’ the honey to get it to become sticky. Once it starts becoming sticky, begin random tapping all over the face. Continue for 2 minutes or so.

7. Tap over areas of congestion (nose, chin, forehead) and pump fine lines and wrinkles. With all the active stimulation, your skin will probably be pink. Now, relax with Honey on your face for up to 20 minutes.

8. To remove the Honey, first wet your hands and begin to rub the sticky Honey until it starts to feel silky. Once silky, remove the product with soft face cloth and then cleanse and tone. Without cleansing, the Honey will leave a sticky residue on the face.

9. Apply Eye Cream, Serum and Moisturizer. Then remove the headwrap towel and your Honey Lift Massage at Home Treatment is complete!


Results You Will Experience

A light exfoliation of the skin
Helps to smooth fine lines
Improves Circulation: stimulates the synthesis of collagen
Super Hydration: provides moisture and nourishment for dry, dull skin
Acts as an antioxidant
Increased Immune response to the face: Antibacterial and antimicrobial
Assists the skin to naturally express congested sebum (clogged pores)
Refreshing feeling to the face and relaxation to the body

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  1. Followed your great instructions and had a wonderful honey mask. Thank you for your continued suggestions and recipes for home spa treatments. Of course none match what you do at your clinic but throughout covid these have been very helpful

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